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At Chiropractic Essence, we leverage the extensive knowledge and experience of our team to be a leading provider of chiropractic care. We are the Council Bluffs Chiropractor that fixates on pinpointing physical, chemical and emotional stressors that produce subluxations or “pinched nerves”. As an integral, ongoing part of your healthy lifestyle, we’ll guide you to optimal balance and consistency of health.

Chiropractic Assessment - Special Online Offer

Our aim in our Council Bluffs chiropractic office is to help our practice members achieve a life of optimal health and wellness from the “inside out”. Your goal of wellness for you and your family is our goal as well.

As a principled chiropractic team, we are nervous system specialists that focus on root cause analysis. We identify underlying issues in order to provide targeted, neurologically-based chiropractic care.

We are driven to educate and empower each individual and family to gain freedom when it comes to their health. Our practice members overcome their health burdens and unlock their full potential to reach their true essence of life.

If you are asking, “Is chiropractic for me?” The answer is yes. We'll show you why at Chiropractic Essence.

Our Focus is Family

At Chiropractic Essence, we believe in the power of strong, healthy families with vibrant, thriving lives. We know that helping our patients achieve optimal health and function allows them to live such lives. In our practice, we specialize in care for pregnant mothers as well as children of all ages.

We extend our special online offer pricing for the neurological evaluation to all family members. Come in as family – we’d love to have you!

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Dr. TJ Alger and his team at Chiropractic Essence in Council Bluffs will show you how, through our low-cost chiropractic evaluation, you can determine how well your body is functioning. Take control of your health and find your essence.

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    Chiropractic Assessment - Special Online Offer