Special Chiropractic Techniques For Pregnant Women

Dr. TJ Alger uses Torque Release and the Webster Technique to provide care that can positively impact health prior to pregnancy, during pregnancy, as well as during child birth. The advantages from this technique can be astounding. We care for many pregnant women in our office and their testimonials speak for themselves.
Chiropractic for pregnant women | Dr TJ Alger

Benefits Prior to Pregnancy

  • Promotes regular menstrual cycles
  • May help optimize uterine function
  • Prepares body for healthy implantation
  • Ensures proper nerve supply to reproductive organs

Benefits During Pregnancy

  • Pelvic alignment and balance
  • Less back laboring
  • Reduces need for pain medication
  • Decreased back pain
  • Shorter labor times

Benefits After Pregnancy

  • More comfort while breastfeeding
  • Greater production of breast milk
  • Less incidence of postpartum depression

Webster Technique


Dr. Larry Webster, founder of the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association (ICPA), discovered this technique as a safe means to restore proper pelvic balance and function. It is a specific sacral analysis that can be used on all weight bearing individuals to determine S/I joint dysfunction/ sacral subluxation. Common symptoms include (but are not limited to) low back pain, sciatic neuralgia, and symptoms associated with sacral subluxation and/ or S/I joint dysfunction.

The Webster Chiropractic Technique For Pregnant Mothers

Dr. TJ Alger is certified in Webster Technique, which is chiropractic care tailored specifically for pregnancy. The benefits of this approach span both pre and post pregnancy periods.

Sacral subluxation may contribute to difficult labor for the mother (i.e., dystocia). Dystocia is caused by inadequate uterine function, pelvic contraction, and baby mal-presentation. The correction of sacral subluxation can positively effect all of these causes of dystocia.

Sacral misalignment may contribute to the three primary causes of labor difficulties via uterine nerve interference, pelvic misalignment and the tightening and torsion of pelvic muscles and ligaments. The resulting tense muscles and ligaments and their effect on the uterus may prevent the baby from comfortably assuming the best possible position for birth.

Correct positioning of the baby in-utero affects birth outcomes and decreases the potential for undue stress to the baby’s developing spine and nervous system.

This specific sacral analysis and adjustment is best administered throughout pregnancy to detect and alleviate imbalance and optimize pelvic neuro-biomechanics in the mother. Because of the adaptations the female body goes through during pregnancy. From the increase of hormones, weight gain and postural shifts, pregnant mothers have a greater chance of sacral subluxation and neuro-biomechanical imbalance than the general population. Additionally, because of the effect chiropractic adjustments have on nervous system stress, pregnant mothers should have their spines checked regularly throughout pregnancy. At Chiropractic Essence, we love taking care of our pregnant women and optimizing the health benefits for both mother and baby.

Postnatal Chiropractic Care for Mother and Baby

How can a chiropractor help during postnatal care?

Care for Mother

Often after birth, whether vaginally or via c-section, the mother’s pelvic biomechanics change – these changes can bring discomfort with walking, nursing and sleeping. We restore the pelvic balance with similar manipulation, exercises and stretches that were used in the prenatal care. It can also be beneficial to mobilize the thoracic region due to positions during breastfeeding, bottle feeding or simply rocking children. There is a tendency for new mothers to flex forward for long periods of time which can aggravate the mid back area. Carrying car seats with infants in them also alters biomechanics.

Care for Infant

The birthing process can also be strenuous for baby. There are multiple benefits to infant chiropractic care. It is natural for parents to fear the Chiropractor for their babies. As adults, getting an adjustment can mean a lot of pressure and cracks. However, Chiropractors do not take the same approach of adjustments for babies as they do adults. Instead, adjustments for babies are gentle and many times will go unnoticed by the baby. Dr. TJ describes the pressure used to adjust babies as comparable to checking a tomato for ripeness.

What are the Benefits of Chiropractic Care for Infants?

Regular Chiropractic care can help relieve the following in babies:

Ear infections and earaches

Colic and acid reflux


Favoring one side for head rotation


Feeding and latching issues

Chiropractic care in babies also keeps babies healthier because their nervous system and immune system are supported.

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